function GetInteractiveList()

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In this routine we can add to the command stack a number of request to end user.

The user will be prompted to input this data and after each input has been validated the routine

MainLoop() is called.




/* Note:  We are running as a command so this object is a  BK_CommandScriptable */


function GetInteractiveList()


 var filter = "curve,polycurve";


   this.Add_GetEntity( "Select Curve" ,  filter  );  //item 0 is a object request


 this.Add_GetEntity( "Select Shape B " , "shape" ); //item 1 is a shape (Brep)


       this.Ask_PointNormal( "Position" , "" ); //item 2  is a point and normal vector


 this.Ask_Point( "Position" , new Point3d(0,0,0) );   //item 3  is a point  with a default position