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Main Tool-Bar                        : Command area

Command prompt                        : Command message and input control

Plan View                                : 2D Plan view of the scene

3D View                                : 3D View of the scene

Object attribute browser                : Selected objects attributes browser

Extension Modules & Plug-in's        : Plug-in's control panels

Snap tool bar                                : Snaps and drawing options



 ixCube  views  


2D Plan View


The plan view is a special window where objects are always viewed from a top parallel projection.

The view is always aligned with the current work-plane  and cannot be changed. Smart-Objects that implement 2D drawings

will be rendered in this view in 2d wire-frame mode.

Objects that do not have a 2d rendering mode will be rendered from a top-view



3D View


These are conventional views where the model is rendered in a parallel or perspective projection.

Shading mode can be changed from


Wire-Frame                        : objects are rendered in wire frame

Fast Shaded                        : a shaded render mode intended to be a fast editing mode

Realtime rendering                : a realtime rendering model with textures,shadows and environment mapping features enabled

Photo Realistic rendering                : a full Global Illumination and ray-tracing rendering



When activating the Photo.Realistic rendering mode please refer to the render settings in this manual for further information.



Object Attribute Browser


In this panel common attributes of selected objects will be editable.

When a smart-object gets selected all the properties exposed by the smart-object will be visible and editable

a change of one or more parameters will recall first the ParamChanged ()  function of the smart-object and then the ModelBuilder()

function if the first function returns a 0 value (0 == event not processed).