ixCube Fea
What is ixCube Fea ? +

ixCube Fea is a software for Finite Element Analysis 

Many features are implemented from Linear, Non-Linear, Buckling and Modal Analysis 

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Where do I get my license ? +

Download and install the software.

As soon You execute it will ask for login credentials and get Your free license from the net. 

What is ixCube 4-10 and why it is different from ixCube Fea ? +

ixCube 4-10 is our flagship product for Tensile Structure Design, Analysis 

and Production. It is NOT a free software and has many features unavailable in ixCube Fea.


Do I really get a license at no charge ? +

ixCube Fea is the result of many years of development and large investment.

The Personal edition can solve a large number of engineering problems and we Hope 

You like it and get a paid version or purchase a plugin module  time to time to compensate our effort.

I get a Error Message in Grasshopper after installing the software +

ixCube Fea and ixCube 4-10 share the same extensions so 

only one at a time can be used as a server from grasshopper.  To avoid the conflicts

You can edit the files in the grasshopper library folder 

  • ixCubeFeaLink.ghlink
  • ixCubeLink.ghlink

and remove one of the paths 


On How many PC'S can I use it ? +

With Your login credentials You can use the platform on 2 different PC'S at the same 

time. After this  the software will be unable to get a new license. 

Where do I report Bugs and Wishes ? +

You can send a email to  for bug reporting 

and new feature request

Can I extend the system with a new plugin ? +

Anybody is welcome to make new extensions and plugins 

We will give all our support for this purpose and publish the extension in our shop 

once it has been released to the public.

Where can I get the Plugins ? +

Plugins are installed automatically.

Once You purchase a license Your extension gets  enabled automatically as soon You login.

Can I have support ? +

Support is available for ixCube Fea Professional 

trough email at  and  skype calls

What do I need to start working ? +

Almost nothing, just download install and You are ready to go. 

We highly suggest Rhinoceros  from McNeel & Associates as the perfect companion product.

ixCube Fea works with Rhino using copy-past, import-export and trough the grasshopper environment.

How can I learn the system ? +

You can start looking at the tutorials to understand the basics 

We highly suggest to use grasshopper so a basic knowledge of Rhino & Grasshopper will help  

The ixCube tool in Grasshopper does not work. What to do ? +

ixCube Fea works as a server program and communicates with Grasshopper trough RPC calls (Remote-Procedure-Calls).

For security reason under Windows 10  both programs need to be Run with Administrator rights for all this to work.

Follow these recommended steps:

  1. Run ixCube Fea with Administrator rights 
  2. Run Rhino with Administrator rights 


The above order of execution is mandatory, if ixCube Fea is not in execution when Grasshopper starts 

a new instance will be created in the background and You will be unable to see the interface for that module.


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