ixCube : From CAD to Concept and Realistic Design...

Let's Learn to use   ixCube in a few steps, easy way to build 2d and 3d projects with professional techniques. Let's start to think a Concept Design...




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01. ixCube License



Basic Tutorial Series : Activating your License   

  After your purchase a license, You can easily activate ixCube from the integrated licensing system





img 1 video

tutorial 02




02. ixCube Viewports



Basic Tutorial Series : Viewports



In this  tutorial we learn how to manage viewports, pan zoom,  

keyboard hints    








03. ixCube UCS



UCS (User Coordinate Systems)

This tutorial  demonstrates how to manage user coordinate systems.

Place, move and work in planes other than the default world plane








tutorial 03

totorial 04




04. ixCube Curves2D



Basic Tutorial Series : Points and Curves


  In this video  curves,points and drafting commands are explained. How to manage input of coordinates and use restraints      








05. ixCube Pencil Tutorial






In this video, many basic drawing and modeling commands are used.

A pencil is created , materials and finally a rendering using the integrated Thea plugin








img 5 video

tutorial 06



06. ixCube Gear



Basic Tutorial Series : Creating a Gear



Video where basic modeling tools are shown.

Extrude and  boolean  operators plus many drawing tools







07. ixCube Stair Case




Let's learn how to use push-pull tools  modeling a curved stair.

Materials and  basic rendering also showcased




totorial 07

tutorial 08




08. ixCube Vaults




Basic modeling tools explained modeling various type of vaults






Architecture concept design series




01. AEC Step 1





AEC : Architecture Concept Design 



Step 1 


Introduction  to architecture concept design tools




aec 1

aec 2




02. AEC Step 2



AEC : Architecture Concept Design


Step 2


Push-Pull  tools  for  creating free-form shapes






03. AEC Step 3



AEC : Architecture Concept Design


Step 3 


Offsetting edges, faces and projecting curves on solid faces  



aec 3

aec 4




04. AEC Step 4


AEC : Architecture Concept Design



Step 4



Windows and  Doors






05. AEC Step 5



AEC : Architecture Concept Design



Step 5 


Curtain Wall  component


aec 5

villa 1




06. AEC Step 6



AEC : Architecture Concept Design



Step 6


Curtain wall component 






07. AEC Step 7




AEC : Architecture Concept Design




Step 7


Concept design example




aec 6




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