Feature comparison  Falko - Falko Licensed  -  ixCube 4-10 

Feature Falko  Falko Licensed ixCube 4-10 Professional
Price no charge € 390  From € 250 Month
Linear Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Buckling Analysis No Yes Yes
Modal-Earthquake Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Non-Linear Analysis No Yes Yes
Inflatables No No Yes
ETFE Cushions No No Yes
Tensile-Structure Modeling No No Yes
Tensile Structure Patterning & Production No No Yes
Cad Features Yes Yes Yes
Javascript extensions Yes Yes Yes
Grasshopper Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Import-Export Rhino Files Yes Yes Yes
Import Export DWG/DXF Files No No Yes
 Fluid Fow Analysis Data import   Plugin  Plugin  Plugin
Foundation Design Plugin Plugin Plugin
Update Reference Strategy Form-Finder No No Plugin
Steel Check with EuroCodes EC3 Plugin Plugin Plugin
Steel check with British Codes BS5950 Plugin Plugin Plugin
Steel check with American Standards Plugin Plugin Plugin
Wood check with EuroCode EC5  Plugin Plugin  Plugin 
Aluminium check with EuroCodes EC9 Plugin Plugin Plugin
Advanced Report Manager No Yes Yes


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