Add a Script or Package

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Install a single script or a package in the system.

the command will prompt for a script or a package item to be installed.

Upon success the new installed item will  compare under the selected Group.

If  the item to be installed is already present in the database or a smart-object with the same GUID

is found in the database a dialog box will pop-up alerting about the conflict.

the user can choose to skip  and not install the component or overwrite the old component.


If You are adding a java-script  smart object file  the system will prompt if You want to keep a live link to this

file. This lets You use your preferred javascript editor instead of the internal one, the smart-object will be updated

each time a change of the file is detected.


Be aware that the  javascript code used by the system IS NOT  the file You are editing.

The file is encrypted and moved to a internal SQL database and loaded when the system starts up.

if You change your javascript  file without updating the internal  component  Your changes will be never executed.


One simple way to update the smart objects is to remove them  and reinstall a fresh copy, this will ensure

they are up to date.