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ixCube is a cad system  based on a solid modeling NURBS kernel  intended to  be a multi-feature modeler.

Its main feature is to integrate QT system and expose to the end user a SMART Object technology based on Javascript.

Practically any object in the system can be controlled by a smart-object.

A smart object is a javascript  block of code that takes control over the object, can regenerate its geometry  and any other attribute like

material, mapping, tag names ect.

The system communicates in a bidirectional way with the smart-objects calling specific functions  and gaining information to build the model.


While developing a smart-object  can be as easy as taking a cup of coffee, making complex models with many options and features can take

a lot of time and effort. Javascript is a quite powerful scripting language that features object oriented programming and fast execution.

For more information on smart-object development see the relative section in this manual.