Registering a Smart Object

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All smart Objects are registered within the system trough a special initialization function .


Example :


function Register()


 var me = new ScriptObject();  // Create a new script object to be registered


 /* Mandatory */

 me.uuid ="BBB0848B-EE01-478A-88CE-A8A8DCCADBF8"; ="Smart Object "; //Name visible to end user for this object

 me.description="Smart Object description";

 me.version= "1.0"; //Version of this component, objects can be updated so keep a version number

 me.image="myImage.png"; //A png image for this component best size 100x100 pixels


 /* Optional Filters */

 me.type= "Object"; //Smart-Objects can be filtered by type

 me.model="Model of this object";  //Smart-Objects can be filtered by Model

 me.category="Category of this object";  //Smart-Objects can be filtered by Category"Producer of the object"; //Smart-Objects can be filtered by Producer


 /* Optional Fields */"Author";

 me.company_addr="My Company Address";

 me.company_web="";  // With a double click on the smart-Object a Browser will redirect to Your web site


 me.catalog_code=""; //not used

 me.price= "0";


 return me;