Command Execution Mode

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Functions called by the system when running in Command Mode :



1.function Params()  this function creates the Smart Object Parameter list.

 Object parameters are exposed in a standard interface when the object is selected.

2.function StartCommand()   at the begin this function is called and return code checked. If the function returns a false value the command stops and aborts.

3.function GetInteractiveList()  this function can push on a stack a number of requests to the user like points,strings, doubles , objects ect. The user will be prompted to input this data in the same order.

4.function MainLoop(),  when a input request has been confirmed by the user the MainLoop() function is called. We have the opportunity to check the input data and set up any other related value.

5.function Draw()  the command has the option to draw in the current view and give feedback to the user on the command status.

6.function Execute(). This routine is called   when all input has been processed successfully.

7.function ModelBuilder( lod )  

 After Execute()  the function ModelBuilder(lod) is called. This routine is the core of smart objects.It should create and return a valid system object based on the parameter list created in the function Params(). The lod parameter is the Level Of Detail requested. It is a value from 0-10  and indicates the quality of the details.

8.function Terminate(). Called after Execute() gives the opportunity to cleanup.

9.function Cancel() . This function is called when the user aborts the command with the escape key.