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Edit the Current Material ( double click on a material slot ).



Material Editor



Materials  in ixCube  have 3  Display modes  associated with the 3  rendering modes:


Fast Shaded :

Realtime Rendering




Fast Shaded Mode


Only Ambient,Diffuse and Shaded transparency attributes are used.

This rendering mode is intended to be a fast editing mode.


Realtime Rendering Mode


The realtime rendering mode is a GPU rendering and all attributes

of the material are used except the shaded transparency.

Semi-Opaque materials are defined trough the Opacity properties in this rendering mode

so the attribute shaded transparency has no effect .


Photo Realistic


Photo Realistic rendering  on the CPU  using a full global illumination model

and ray-tracing techniques. (see Render Settings for rendering options )





Presets :  By selecting a preset default attributes are set for specific material types. Always use the preset tool if You are rendering

with Thea, since the preset will influence Thea material types.


Mat Name:  Name of the material. If You are using Thea Render be sure to have unique names for materials to avoid name clashing.


Enable Fresnel Reflection : Use this option only for dieletric materials


IOR :   Index of Refraction


Ambient Color :  Ambient color used only in fast shaded mode