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The UV map editor is a tool for defining UV texture coordinate mapping on

the scene objects.


It will prompt to select an object  and then lets You choose a mapping type out of :


Box                :  Box mapping

Planar        :  Planar projection mapping

Cylindrical        :  Cylinder mapping

Spherical        :  Spherical Mapping


Once selected the object and the type of mapping

we can move the grip handles to resize the mapping widget to desired size

or  click on the Dims option to input the size directly as numbers.


When we select the planar or box mapping tool the center point  handle will

align the widget with the plane detected under the mouse cursor, so we can easily

place the planar mapping widget on a plane other than the global world x-y plane.


Once we have terminated editing the U-V widget click on the Apply button to confirm changes.



Box mapping applied to a Brep